Paulina Pastuszak is an expressive person, who significantly changes nail art market in Poland. Despite the fact that that she is firm in her convictions, sometimes even controversial, she stays one of the best coaches in the country and abroad. She is keen on artistic styling and a successful manager. She is also the only distributor and international coach of exclusive brand Nail Artists.

In terms of awards it is suffice to say that Paulina is
The Winner of WorldCup Nail Art (Beauty Forum Monachium). She is also seven-time finalist in Polish Championship in Nail Art and Nail Business.

She was fifth during Nailympics in London, seventh in NailOPEN in Rome and eight in Interbeauty in Prague. Moreover, she had been assigned several times to be a juror in Polish and International Nail Art Championships ( the most spectacular invitations as a juror was to CosmoNail Cup Malaysia 2013 and Hair&Beauty International in Colombo and Sri Lanka in 2014). Paulina is an active and highly valued expert who attended several fares in Poland (Beauty Forum in Warsaw and Lipsk, Beauty Vision in Poznan, Les Nouvelles Esthetique & Spa w Cracow na Beauty Fares in Wroclaw. She conducted a numerous number of workshops with over thousand participants so far in different countries such as Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The participants’ opinions are the best signature of Paulina’s talent and professionalism. It is worth mentioning that as an expert, she was asked to participate in a program “Kawa czy herbata” in TVP1.

She was awarded twice in American, prestigious list in the NailPro magazine called
“The best of Portfolio” in 2009 and 2010.

Paulina is the author of over hundred and fifty articles that specializes in nail art. The articles were published in “Paznokcie”, “Akademia Paznokcia”, “Paznokcie i Spa”, “Medicure Pedicure”, “Body Life”, “NailPro”, “Nail Expert”, “Kosmetyka profesjonalna”. Her articles were also published in American magazine “NailPro”, Ukrainian “Hand & Nails”, Italian “NailPro”, “Unghie e BellEzza” and Irish “Nails Magazine”. You can also find her publications on websites such as : nailspace.pl, cosmetic.pl, zalotka.pl, sebzda.pl, kosmetomania.pl, wiadości24.pl, wp.pl. Her work was shown on the cover of “Nail Expert”, twice.

In 2013 Paulina joined the group of twelve elite Coaches – International GURU – the Trinity Beauty brand by Tom Holcomb. As one of few Polish nail artists, she is developing herself constantly by attending workshops. In the last three years she completed courses and individual workshop with Valentina Denisenko, Eva Darabozs, Marianna Sandor, Liliya Michalikowa, Marina Shytsowa, Lilya Sereditskaya and Marina Samohina. At the beginning of 2014 she spent a vast number of hours on individual course with Tanja Taranets – Ukranien Champion, a specialist in eye lash extension.

In her free time, she enjoys a good book, diving, horse riding and tennis. She is skiing and snowboarding instructor, a dog lover. She has been doing PhD on the cultural notion of gender identity in the context of tourism activity. The time scheduled to finish her PhD is unknown. She has recently fallen in love with Silesian soil and moved her headquarters to Katowice.